[PD] copy-paste vs. duplicate behavior (was Re: Pd-list Digest, Vol 46, Issue 108)

Ingo Scherzinger ingo at miamiwave.com
Sun Feb 1 08:27:45 CET 2009

Well, what if someone hits paste twice by mistake? Then you still have two
copies on top of each other. Both 10x10 pixels moved from the original but
still on top of each other.
Maybe a more obvious solution would be that two objects on top of each other
change color so you know there is something underneath it?

I know that's a totally different thing to implement and definitely not as
easy as just moving the pasted objects by ten pixels or to the cursor.

For the simple solution: I would prefer to use the mouse cursor in the same
window and leave the position for other windows. That's because the same
window already contains the original objects so the copies need to be moved
anyway. Another window probably does not contain identical objects up until
now otherwise you wouldn't copy them there. So they should stay in the
original position.


> Yeah, I was thinking something similar.  Perhaps paste should always
> just leave the whole thing dangling on the mouse pointer until you
> click to put it down.   Or maybe paste just does the 10x10 shift and
> Duplicate does the dangling behavior.
> .hc

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