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> On Fri, Jan 30, 2009 at 8:16 AM, danomatika <danomatika at gmail.com>
>> In regards to the whole Ableton vs/compared to Ardour+pd+etc, I find
>> like using seq24 to do sequencing
>> outside of pd and pd to make all audio.  It is simple and does the
>> without getting in my way and trying to
>> do too much for me.
>> A few weeks ago I added midi song export to seq4 as a branch on
>> Now I can make a song in
>> seq24 and then load and play it in pd using the mrpeach midifile
>> Anyone else using seq24+pd may find this ability useful.  Please
>> the seq24 devs on Launchpad to
>> get them to test and merge my changes to the main branch so it will
>> into the next version of Ubuntu.
>> (that would be nice)

        looks like a nice approach, so I tried it today.
        unfortunately i got the same result as similar things I tried
        before and
        which involve midi sent over alsa or jack to/from pd: poor
        I uploaded this little test file so you can hear what I mean:
        I connected seq24 to pd by selecting the 'midi bus' for the
        I ran pd -jack and qjackctl, but i did not make any midi
        connections in
        qjackctl itself, so I'm not sure if jack even has anything to do
        I did this on ubuntustudio (hardy)
        do you get better results ?

I've never noticed this before because I don't do any super strict/fast
sequencing.  Mainly I'm planning
on using seq24 to create the midi control sequences that are read and
played in pd using the 
midifile object at show time.  Basically I want the flexibility of the
interface for composing as opposed to
my gop toggle/slider sequence objects but with the same playback
directly within pd for live performance.
I do not use seq24 on my wearable, the patches should just read the midi
songfiles to control whatever
is in the patch.

        hi again,
        I did a second test, this time in pure:dyne.
        I took an even simpler pattern and switch between [metro 60] and
        the 32nd
        notes coming from [notein] to make the difference more apparent:

So thats about 166.6 bpm with streams of 32nd notes?  I did the same
test and the seq24 noteons seem to 
"roll".  The devs are working on adding jack midi to seq24 which is
sample accurate so that should help wait
a bit I believe, otherwise jump in and add it.

It seems this is a common problem with alsa-based midi anywho.

Dan Wilcox
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