[PD] Very Strange Behaviour of dumpOSC on Pd

mbutubuntu mbutubuntu at yahoo.it
Thu Feb 5 14:00:28 CET 2009

hello folks, I'm using OSC to send information from Processing to Pd... 
I started writing my "receiving" Patch in a Computer where was Installed 
Ubuntu 8.04 and Pd-extended 0.40.3 in stalled by the .deb package, my 
laptop was an Archlinux "client" in which Processing was running... 
Processing sent floating point numbers to Pd... All worked properly....

In the second Panorama, my archlinux box is both the "server" and the 
"client", Pd is the version 0.41.4 compiled by me with all useful 
libraries (OSCx for example)... Pd refuses to receive floating point 
numbers from Processing giving me this value:

1.4013e-45 ...... = n/0 ???

I can use only Integer numbers.... why ???

Fabio [mbutUbuntu] Buda

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