[PD] Very Strange Behaviour of dumpOSC on Pd

Roman Haefeli reduzierer at yahoo.de
Thu Feb 5 14:15:46 CET 2009

--- mbutubuntu <mbutubuntu at yahoo.it> schrieb am Do, 5.2.2009:

> hello folks, I'm using OSC to send information from
> Processing to Pd... 
> I started writing my "receiving" Patch in a
> Computer where was Installed 
> Ubuntu 8.04 and Pd-extended 0.40.3 in stalled by the .deb
> package, my 
> laptop was an Archlinux "client" in which
> Processing was running... 
> Processing sent floating point numbers to Pd... All worked
> properly....
> In the second Panorama, my archlinux box is both the
> "server" and the 
> "client", Pd is the version 0.41.4 compiled by me
> with all useful 
> libraries (OSCx for example)... Pd refuses to receive
> floating point 
> numbers from Processing giving me this value:
> 1.4013e-45 ...... = n/0 ???
> I can use only Integer numbers.... why ???


from what i know, OSC supports a whole bunch of number types and obviously [dumpOSC] doesn't know how to handle the type chosen by processing. 

i guess, i can't help you here, probably only the author of the OSCx library can. however, OSCx shouldn't be used anymore, since it does not seem to be maintained anymore and is known to be buggy. there is a well maintained and well tested replacement for it in mrpeach, though it might not be as straight forward to use as OSCx.

i think, you could replace [dumpOSC] by something like:

[udpreceive <portnumber>]

good luck



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