[PD] escape space character

y yvan.pd at gmail.com
Sat Feb 7 14:14:23 CET 2009

Yeah I know some ways to get around this with extended but I'm more into 
the vanilla-way-of-life =)
I would love having a "quoting" method and/or an escaping character like \ .
Of course I have no idea about the difficulty to implement that and I 
just found a message from Herr Puckette saying:

"I'm against adding a general escape mechanism, because I think it's 
better to find a design that obviate teh need for it..."

I still think that
[open my\ file.txt(
[open "my file.txt"(
is more elegant than dealing with a couple of messages and something like
in between though...



Mike McGonagle wrote:
> Currently, there is no way to do an escape. There is some discussion
> about trying to implement a "quoting" method that would allows
> spaces...
> I attached an example of how you can convert a list of symbols (and
> numbers) into a single symbol, which would include spaces. It depends
> on an external from 'zexy' (part of the extended stuff).

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