[PD] exporting gem structures to cad

punchik punchik punchikk at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 10 19:02:56 CET 2009

Hello, i was  experimenting with gem combining diferent generatives techniques to create 3d iterative complex shapes. I would like to use these structures for architecture and I was wondering if its possible to export the generated structures to other 3d modelling software or maybe to autocad, so the structures generated can be built in the real world.
Do anybody have tried something like this?

In processing theres a library that allows to export 3d opengl shapes into dxf format that can be loaded in autocad, how difficult can it making something like this in pd?  "http://www.processing.org/reference/libraries/dxf/index.html"

I was thinking that it would be possible to iterate over all the repeated geos in each shape and with gem_listinfo extract the information matrix corresponding to each geo, and then store into a text file , then use that info to rebuild the shapes in other program like autocad.

Do anybody have tried something like this?

any idea would be aprreciated




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