[PD] color tracking in Gem/Pd-extended?

Ben Baker-Smith bbakersmith at gmail.com
Fri Feb 20 23:40:26 CET 2009

How will you avoid gating the color of the object you're trying to track as

To use your method below I'd suggest using some combination of [separator]
and [pix_background] to create a mask so that [pix_blob] (or the color gate,
depending on the setup) only affects new objects introduced into the

That's very incomplete suggestion, but I don't have pd in front of me right
now to toy with examples.

Best of luck, let  me know if you get a patch together, I'd like to see it.


>Wondering the best solution for color tracking in Pd-extended. I'd like
>my solution to be cross-platform so that rules out PDP and friends.

>All I've come up with is to use [pix_blob] to track the color, and to
>try to minimize the tracking color in the background. There's probably a
>Gem object where I can "gate" a color i.e. eliminate a color from a
>pixel if it is less than a certain amount. In my rendering chain after
>my webcam I'd gate the color I am trying to track, then use [pix_blob]
>with a color weight of entirely the tracking color.

>Is there a better way?

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