[PD] pd-extended on Ubuntu 8.1 Intrepid

Ilias Anagnostopoulos I.Anagnostopoulos at sheffield.ac.uk
Sat Feb 21 03:02:03 CET 2009

Hello Fraenk,

> One more question: are there any risks of conflicts, if I install 
> severeal versions of pd?
> Specially one pd-extended and one pd-vanilla.-

When I first got Ubuntu-Studio, it came with PD installed by default in 
a package named puredata. This is just the core of PD. I installed 
PD-extended without removing puredata and it worked with no noticeable 

However, the packages of PD-extended will not let you have both vanilla 
and extended installed at the same time if both done through synaptic. 
This is because apparently there are conflicts which I have personally 
not experienced since when I was running them both, I wasn't using PD 
much anyway.

You can try for yourself and see. If you NEED both versions for some 
reason (highly unlikely, I just did it cause I couldn't be bothered to 
look into it at that point), go for it and let us know what happened. If 
you NEED a STABLE version, just pick one of the two. They both are the 
same core, but PD-extended gives you a whole bunch of extra things such 
as libraries and externals and so on, already compiled, in the same package.

If you meant installing PD vanilla 0.41 and PD-extended 0.40.3, that's a 
different story, and the short answer is that it depends on how you 
compile it, otherwise you just stick to what the packages give you.

Take care,


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