[PD] more info about pix_fiducialtracks

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Sat Feb 21 14:32:07 CET 2009

Luigi wrote:
> Ok this is referring to my last post.
> I guess i could use pix_fiducialtrack to to the simple OCR-Task.
> I would just need to adjust the "all.trees" file, right ??
> Is there any more information on how to do that ? How the "region  
> adjacency graph" is built ??

yep, there is a paper by kaltenbrunner et al. referenced in the 
help-patch. (actually i thought it was referenced; but it seems like it 
is not; it should be available on the reacTable homepage though)

however, fiducials (as used by reacTVision) do very simple hierarchical 
analysis of the the images (which white blob is contained in which black 
blob and vice-versa), i don't think that your 7segment targets will 
match the criterion of being hierarchically unique.


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