[PD] Window un-focus notification

Roman Haefeli reduzierer at yahoo.de
Sat Feb 21 14:43:08 CET 2009

On Sat, 2009-02-21 at 03:46 -0800, Luke Iannini wrote:
> Yo - anyone have any ideas on getting the focus state of a window in
> Pd?  I want to only enable key commands when the relevant window is
> focused - I have lots of miniature applications and it makes much more
> sense to treat them independently - I think the global nature of
> keystroke handling is what keeps me from every really using it!
> (And, I know [tot] can tell me when a window is focused, but not when
> it's unfocused, meaning I'd need a [tot] in every single window. no
> good)

another approach would be to control from pd, which window is in focus
by using 'vis' messages sent to canvasses. you could implement some
keystrokes to navigate through all available windows. this way you
wouldn't have to leave the keyboard for switching between windows and
compared to the built-in window switcher of your window manager, it has
some advantages: 
a) you can access pd windows, that weren't already open; 
b) you can design it for your particular needs, so that only pd windows
can be accessed, that are meant to be accessed. 
then you only need to route the key messages to the window, that last
received the 'vis 1' message. 

this is not exactly what you asked for, but i hope it is useful for you


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