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Here's the re-usable chunks of the grant I just submitted to the  
Jerome Foundation, please use it however you see fit:

Statement of Trip Purpose

I will go to Brazil to attend a conference and meet with local artists  
to further explore the relationship between art and software tools as  
seen from the perspective of Brazilian artists, as well as to share my  
ideas and experience with them.

2. Detail of Trip Purpose

Software has given us extraordinary powers in the creative realm, more  
and more artists are working with software as their primary tools for  
their art.  Much software is proprietary and unchangeable, Adobe  
Photoshop is a good tool, but its owner cannot modify it.  This is a  
dangerous trend, separating the artist from her tools.  No one can  
prevent you from modifying your paints, brushes, chisels or other  
traditional tools, we should expect the same from software tools.   
Free, open source software provides such a tool, with an additional  
advantage that the modifications can be directly shared.  The beauty  
of software is that these changes can be easily shared and reshaped to  
fit other people's needs. Previously, artists could discuss how they  
tailored their chisels and brushes, now they can freely share the tool  
itself:  the software they use and modify.

I am an active computer musician and media arts practitioner as well  
as an active developer of computer music and media arts software.  In  
particular, I spend most of my time working on Pure Data (aka Pd) in  
the realm of sound art and design, as well as some composition.  I  
have been involved in Pd development since 2000 and am currently the  
most active developer.  In my composition Solitude, I not only used Pd  
as the tool to compose with, I also built my compositional environment  
and even the score using Pd, and in the process contributed some  
improvements to the core itself.

Pd is a tool that inspires many people to modify it and customize it,  
much like a sculptor's chisel or a painter's brush is modified to suit  
their needs.  Artists using Pd are free to use, read, and modify the  
source code that creates the program itself for whatever they choose  
to do. This process has always been a central force in the direction  
that Pd has gone.  It has born out of a composition, and has always  
been a tool that its users take ownership over, and shape the tool to  
their artistic desires.

The main Pd community is mostly involved in academic computer music  
and experimental electronic music.  While this community is often in  
contact via the english-language mailing lists and forums, there are  
more and more communities of artists built around Pd who do not  
participate in the english forums, for whatever reasons.  They also  
have come from completely different artistic backgrounds.  Brazil, for  
example, has some very active communities who communicate mostly in  
portuguese, and most often in face-to-face meetings.  By travelling to  
Brazil, I can attend the main Pd conference, but also I will be able  
to participate in these local meetings, and see how this distinct  
community is creating music and art with Pd, and how they are shaping  
the tool to their needs and desires.

On Feb 23, 2009, at 6:14 AM, Loic Kessous wrote:

> I just joined the Pd (I switched from max) a few month ago, and I
> would be very happy to join too, an I'm also french, so if someone has
> news about this oprion, please tell me.
> loic
> On Feb 21, 2009, at 1:51 AM, David Doukhan wrote:
>> 2009/2/21 Alexandre Porres <porres at gmail.com>:
>>> Aparently it does if you lived, worked, studied, for a while  
>>> there...
>> you mean in Switzerland? I never went there...
>>> I am just wondering how ere they partners with the previous
>>> convention.
>>> I just realized that this year is the "YEAR OF FRANCE IN BRASIL"
>> I was not aware of that event...
>>> So I really strongly believe we can bring people from France this
>>> year if we
>>> look our way into it...
>>> what you say?
>> I say it could be marvelous!!!
>> Let me know about if you think you can do something... I'll try to  
>> ask
>> around me also...
>>> cheers
>> cheers!
>>> On Fri, Feb 20, 2009 at 9:38 PM, David Doukhan <david.doukhan at gmail.com
>>> wrote:
>>>> Does the Swiss Pro Helvetia fund works for european who are not
>>>> living in
>>>> Swiss?
>>>> Does anyone have an idea on the way to get funds if I'm French?
>>>> 2009/2/20 Alexandre Porres <porres at gmail.com>:
>>>>> yep. I did ask some Austrians I know :)
>>>>> another thing is the Swiss Pro Helvetia fund. It seems that any
>>>>> who did
>>>>> study some time there can apply. And I see they were partners
>>>>> with the
>>>>> previous convention.
>>>>> I will get in touch with them too, but anybody knows how did that
>>>>> work
>>>>> in
>>>>> the past?
>>>>> cheers
>>>>> alex
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