[PD] private varibles

marius schebella marius.schebella at gmail.com
Tue Feb 24 04:27:48 CET 2009

Derek Holzer wrote:
> use creation arguments in the subpatch.
> [pd mysubpatch some_creation_argument]
> [s $1-foo]
> [r $1-foo]
> d.

the above might be confusing, because you cannot send creation argumets 
to subpatches, only to externals. you also cannot separate the namespace 
of the parent patch and the subpatch. but you can create abstractions 
and they will have their own kind of namespace.
if you use $0 inside an abstraction (or parent patch) it will be 
substituted by a unique number.

[s $0-foo]

[r $0-foo]

it is easy to create an abstraction. just save a patch with a name 
"abstracton123.pd" and then you can create a new object (or even 
several) inside your patch [abstraction123] with your abstraction.

the [s $0-foo] - [r $0-foo] will then only send inside the abstractions, 
and not from one instance of the abstraction to another, because every 
abstraction was given another $0 substitute, which makes the 
sender/receiver unique.


> or something like that.
> mbutubuntu wrote:
>> Sorry for the wrong object
>> mbutubuntu wrote:
>>> Hello Pd Folks!!!
>>> I need a little help....
>>> in general the object [s foo] sends values or messages to a global 
>>> variable named "foo"... is there in Pd a way to make the variable 
>>> "foo" private ??? (working only in a subpatch)...

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