[PD] Array that scrolls from right to left

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Tue Feb 24 16:45:27 CET 2009

Sebastien Lelong hat gesagt: // Sebastien Lelong wrote:

> I have one question though (not related to [trigger]). In your example, as
> in Martin's, you use $0-a16 to name the array. I understand $0 is used when
> building an abstraction and creating multiple instances of this abstraction.
> My question is how can I configure this array, from the parent (from the
> patch using the abstraction) ? For instance, I'd like to add "xticks",
> "ylabel", etc... I usually use a message, like:
> _________________
> [array1 ylabel -1 0 1 (
> but the same with $0-a16 obsviously doesn't work, since $0 is not known (I
> understand it's a counter incremented at each creation). 


> Is this possible to do this ?

"[; array1 ylabel -1 0 1(" (note the semicolon!) is the same as this: 

 [ylabel -1 0 1 (
 [s array1]

because semicolon messages are just a shortcut for senders.

In object boxes like [s ...] you can use $0 variables, so inside of the
scrolling abstraction your could use: 
 [ylabel -1 0 1 (
 [s $0-array]

Now to let something control the array from the outside, I'd recommend
to just use an [inlet]: 

 [s $0-array] 


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