[PD] Loading order of pd objects

Thomas Grill gr at grrrr.org
Thu Feb 26 16:31:55 CET 2009

Hi Robert,
mabye you need to do some dynamic patching?

Apart from that, what we did in the vibrez application is that the
canvas/widget dependencies are rechecked at every new patcher object
(and there is no implicit generation of a canvas), so the widgets will
only come to life as soon as the canvas object has been loaded in the


2009/2/25 Robert Gründler <doobre at gmail.com>:
> the problem i'm facing is the following:
> i'm trying to write an extension to pd which allows people to create custom
> gui objects that can communicate with the underlying pd patch.
> So far i've a prototype where i use Gtk+ for the gui, and the communication
> works fine so far.
> But that's where the loading order of objects become important. First i
> need to
> create the canvas object in pd, and then i can create additional objects
> which
> add user interface objects inside the gtk canvas.
> If i can't rely on a specific loading order in future implementations of
> pd, a workaround
> would be that a simple gtk gui widget would first check if there's a
> canvas existing,
> and if that's not the case, it needs to create one itself. But i'm not
> sure if i can create pd
> objects in a patch programmatically.
> I'd also be glad about feedback from the pd community if such an
> extension would be
> considered useful in general.
> best
> -robert
> Frank Barknecht wrote:
>> Hallo,
>> Robert Gr?ndler hat gesagt: // Robert Gr?ndler wrote:
>>> For example when i create a patch with 2 objects that are not connected
>>> in any way,
>>> in which order will they be created by pd when the patch is loaded ?
>> The order you created them, but it's very bad practice to rely on that,
>> because it's an implementation detail that may change in future
>> versions and it's generally error prone because you cannot see the
>> creation order.
>> You can test this with an abstraction that prints something with a
>> loadbang, like:
>> testme.pd:
>>  [loadbang]
>>  |
>>  [f $1]
>>  |
>>  [print]
>> testme-for-real.pd:
>>  [testme 1]
>>  [testme 2]
>> Then open testme-for-real.pd again.
>> Ciao
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Thomas Grill

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