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> I think the two ranges for this discussion separate signals versus
> controls.  A sawtooth~ is a signal that is meant to be listened to, so
> it would good from -1 to 1.  A phasor~ is the exact same shape as a
> sawtooth~, but it is meant to be a control, so it is 0 to 1.  You could
> easily switch the two with some basic math, but most of the time, you'll
> want your controls to be 0 to 1 and your signals -1 to 1.   A similar
> pair would be square~ (signal) and pwm~ (control).

Hey, I just learned there is a square~ object and pmw~ in some extended
library, built up with olther pd objects, and I mentioned the triangle~
before. Havent found a sawtooth~ though, I guess we could arrange this class
of oscilator objects more nicely, in a sense that it becomes clearer and
more useful/practical. I still see a gap that leads to confusion many times.

> Anyway I've now read the Pd-FLOSS ...
> I think keeping it in a range from 0-1 is sensible.

If the squarish signals are meant to be audio signals, as I believe it is
implied, it would be best to not leave this the way it is. But it is just
the case of making it clearer somewhere. I dont see why not dealing with
simple comments about the difference between 0-1 (control signals) and -1 to
1 (audio) signals.

But to make them audio signals from 1 to -1, all it takes is one more box,
which is the tiniest modification possible, you could not insert less than

One way or another, the distinction needs to be clear, and readers must be
aware on how to deal with it.

I still see problems in 0sc.7.pd and osc.8.pd that should be overcome for
the sake of coherence between the theory that is presented there and
elsewhere. This is the kind of attention and care that every manual or book
must have, books and manuals get revised because of that.

> I would like to add would be something like
> "Improving Audio Signals" which would have
> two parts: "DC Offset Correction" and "Antialiasing".

Sure, I wish I could, have you received the pd examples I sent you? what do
you say?

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