[PD] abunch release

Hans Roels hans.roels at versateladsl.be
Wed Apr 1 18:04:44 CEST 2009


Here is my release of Abunch, a collection of 50 abstractions for Pd 
vanilla. I started developing these patches for the different courses 
that I teach (for performers, for composers, for students, for 
teenagers,...). It is conceived as an easy introduction to computer 
music. After a while I started adding more advanced features because 
I also started using it myself, not just for teaching but for 
performing and composing.

I guess most people on this list are Pd-users, so the explanation 
about Abunch is rather simple:
-all controle data are normalized within the range of 0 - 127
-give an unique number to every abunch abstraction as an argument. So 
if you want to create two phasers: [phaser 1] and [phaser 2]
-you can save presets by creating the object 'presets' and giving it 
one symbol as an argument, like [presets phaserpresets]

Every abunch object has a help file. You need to have a Pd version 
0.40 or higher.

The fastest way to get to know Abunch is to have a look at the 
example files. There are about 30 of them, they are in the abunch 
folder and start with 'ex'  (like 'ex1a-play.pd').

You can download Abunch (and find more information) on this site:

Voor de Nederlandstaligen: je kan ook een Nederlandstalige versie 
downloaden (met help files en uitleg in het Nederlands):

Abunch was realized with the support of the University College of 
Ghent (Faculty of Music and Drama)(Belgium).

Hans R

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