[PD] supported formats of pix_image

brandt at subnet.at brandt at subnet.at
Tue Apr 7 10:47:24 CEST 2009

I am able to play mov´s and avis on w32. afair i just had to install
the quicktimeplayer after gem

all the best#

> Derek Holzer wrote:
>> Pd FLOSS assumes Pd Extended, so it's Quicktime on Windows and Mac.
> no
> afair, only on OSX, QuickTime is used for image reading.
> on w32 you have libjpeg and libtiff support.
> on linux you have ImageMagick.
> the reason why quicktime is not (optionally) used on w32 is beyond my
> knowledge; i guess it is just a matter of getting the preprocessor
> defines right (from __APPLE__ to HAVE_QUICKTIME); most likely it is like
> it is for legacy reasons.
>> Linux is more complicated, based on the libs it's compiled against. I'll
>> get Hans to send the compiler flags in a sec...
> on linux we check for ImageMagick, and if this is not present libjpeg
> and libtiff.
> ImageMagick will open pretty much any image format.
> fgamsdr
> IOhannes
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