[PD] startup makes crash + .plist

Phil Stone pkstone at ucdavis.edu
Mon Apr 13 15:50:20 CEST 2009

Marco Donnarumma wrote:
> Hi list,
> i have an Urgent problem i realy hope someone could help me quickly. 
> This is the last day for me to prepare a performance for a live show 
> and Pd doesn't open anymore. :(
> The story>
> i installed pdmtl library (from zip file on MAC) following the video 
> tutorial. I modified Pd preferences (path and startup), close Pd and 
> when i tried to relaunch it, it open a blank consolle and then crash 
> immediately without loading any library (or at least i don-t see in 
> the consolle anything loading).
> so it doesn-t allow me to modify anymore the preferences.
> i disinstalled Pd and reinstalled twice but it keeps on with the same 
> behaviour described above (as far as i know the keys are still stored 
> in the system).

This suggests that the problem lies in the plist file in 
~/Library/Preferences/, as when you re-install Pd, you should be 
re-installing the default preferences as well (i.e., the plist that 
lives within the application package contents).   Are you re-installing 
a completely fresh copy?

> how can i modify the org.puredata.pd.plist file from terminal? i used 
> the command defaults read org.puredata.pd and i see the error in in 
> the flags startup - but i cannot sort out how to modify it from 
> terminal... (sorry for the ignorance but im not used to manage terminal)
> i also look for org.puredata.pd.plist in |~/Library/Preferences/ |but 
> the file doens't look to be there.

That's very odd.  There should be "org.puredata.pd.plist" (as well as 
"org.puredata.pd.wish.pdlist", but ignore that) in 
~/Library/Preferences/.  It would seem to be the only explanation for 
the persistence of the problem.  By the way, if and when you find 
org.puredata.pd.plist, just double-click it, and a property editing 
program will run.  Alternatively, just delete it org.puredata.pd.plist 
from ~/Library/Preferences/ -- that will get you back to default 
behavior.  See here for more info:  http://puredata.info/docs/faq/pdsettings

> or how i disinstall Pd in order to reset all preferences?
> or any other suggestion is really appreciated, i still have a hell of 
> work to do on the performance patch.....  :((((

I hope this helps...I'll be around for the next ten hours or so, so 
write back if you're still stuck.  Good luck.


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