[PD] My first external: [fsm] finite state machine for pd

lsw lsw at floppy35.de
Wed Apr 15 23:59:32 CEST 2009

Dear list,

i have been absent from pd-list for a few years, but i'd like to change  
that. :)

During the last days i wrote my first external: fsm - finite state machine  
for pd
I wrote this with algorithmic sequencing and sequence recognition in mind.
You can find builds for win32, osx and linx, as well as the sources and  
help-patch with
examples at http://floppy35.de/pd/
I didn't test the windows and linux builds (but osx-version seems to work  
so please tell me, if it works or if it destroys your machine and deletes  
mp3-collection. ;)

Unfortunately i saw a bit late that moocow had a similar idea earlier...  
however, my
external seems to be a bit different (low-level approach), so it might be  
still useful
for some of you. It's written in plain C and consists of one single  
c-file, so it should
be easy to port and compile for different platforms.

Feedback is appreciated.

All the best,

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