[PD] pd/gem dumb polygon question

CICCOLIX ciccolix at tiscalinet.it
Mon Jun 1 09:42:16 CEST 2009

cyrille henry ha scritto:
> hello,
> CICCOLIX a écrit :
>> Hi,
>> for my scolarsheep i would to make in Gem a animate european flag.
>> I'm starting from the stars.
>> Using polygon object seem something whose wrong, it appear nice in 
>> line mode but bad in fill mode.
>> I am the suspect  that this depends on my poor knowledge of the 
>> foundations of geometry :)
> polygone can't have this shape.
> you can make a star using triangles.
> but the european flag stars have 5 branchs, not 6!
> anyway, you should maybe better use a square and a texture of a star...
> Cyrille
Many many thanks Cyrille, Max and Ypatios,

two triangles was the first attempt i made to build the flag
(many thank for remember me the numbers of branchs).

I can not use a set of more simple polygon to create the star because, 
in a second step of work every star mast  came
in front of the stage and show some photos and video of kids 
([pix_texture]), in this case every single shape cam with the same 
texture. The effect is nice but the content is not very clear.

A way to sum (grouping) the triangles ?

or is better the follows steps ?

1) texture a star (jpeg etc.) on a square
2) play with the alpha of result
3) texture the shape resultant with photo and video

Any help and/or example will be great
p.s. apologize my poor english

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