[PD] why do [bp~] and [vcf~] sound different?

cyrille henry cyrille.henry at la-kitchen.fr
Tue Jul 14 19:45:39 CEST 2009

Ichabod a écrit :

> So basically what I want to know is: if I have a vcf~ with a given q and 
> constant center frequency, is there a way to replace it more cheaply?

i agree that vcf~ made more computation, so it should be more cpu intensive.
but did you benchmarck this?
i mean : if you don't have 1000 of them, you will certainly not noticed any difference.

spending time to optimised 0.01% cpu is loosing time IMO.

use Super Colider if you wish to use 1000 filter in the same time...

just my opinion...


> --Stefán

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