[PD] Stereo simulation of multichannel audio [ot?]

João Pais jmmmpais at googlemail.com
Mon Jul 20 16:07:51 CEST 2009

> It sounds like you need a stereo auralization of various multichannel  
> diffusion pieces.

if that's the official name for it, yes, right.

> Either way there are still various (essentially aesthetic/artistic)  
> decisions to make about the specification of the auralization.
> So you might find that the best results for generalised playback  
> (headphone or speakers), is just to make aesthetic decisions and do a  
> multichannel downmix.
> At any rate, if you want to explore ambisonic and/or binaural down- 
> mixes, the IEM tools for doing this are all in Pd extended.

I should had said before: it would be good if the codings would be  
suitable for as many playback situations as possible, as they would also  
be heard in that way (cd, radio, stream, headphones, ...). But if for  
example the headphone version is particularly good, we might think about  
doing a version for it.

Also some words about the movements, which I didn't say first: there are  
several types of movements (each performance is different), sometimes  
circles, sometimes irregular ones, sometimes (very) slow, sometimes fast,  
... They're not indispensable to the rest of the musical discourse going  
on, but they integrate with it [so we think]. So it would be nice to have  
at least an impression of the space, as it won't be *that* precise.

Thanks for your suggestions, I'll look into them later.

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