[PD] call for translations for new Pd GUI

George Ker geokeratz at gmail.com
Fri Aug 21 16:25:21 CEST 2009

Hans-Christoph Steiner <hans <at> at.or.at> writes:

> So, now's a good time to start contributing.  Fix up the languages  
> that are there, or add more languages or even country-specific  
> versions of a language.  Here are the files:
> http://pure-data.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/pure-data/branches/pd-devel/0.41.4/po/

Hello to all,  
         I'm a PD beginner living in Greece. I saw your "call for translations" 
and was interested 
in helping translating the app for the Greek language. I'm now a pd-list 
member because of this call. So, I have allready translated 
in Poedit and LocFactory Editor (as recommended)
all the template from SourceForge.  
  I have some problems that your guidance would be appreciated, 
because it's my FIRST attempt in something like that.
 	 -The first one is what I should do with "PureData language specific"
I recommend for terms like: Object, Atom Box, Symbol, Bang, Slider, 
Patch etc that no Greek translation should be done. Yes, of course
I know what an "Object" means , and "Atom Box" could easily be
translated, but wouldn't it be a drawback for users? Even
for me, the translator of the app would be confusing if all
tutorials / help patches/ lists were using them... and then
I had to face with terms: Object, Slider, Patch, DSP 
etc translated in Greek language in my installed App! 
I asked a friend of mine and he wouldn't use the translated 
app either! I find it like translating the MIDI acronyms.
Too ugly and scary...
  As a conclusion, I left some terms as they are. I want
  your opinion.
 	 -The second problem is that nowhere in Poedit is 
mentioned my contribution :| . The only thing shown is 
something about "last translator" in LocFactory Editor. 
I don't mind about the licence but wouldn't it be right for 
me to impress girls in my college more easily after 
my work in translation of the PD app????
	-The third problem is: when I' m completely finished, 
where I should upload the .po file and how?
	-The last and more serious problem is that I can't 
test my gr.po file. Everything needs to be done with 
sudo to run and be installed properly and when I reach 
the commands from your guide: 
		$ ./autogen.sh && .configure && make

there are some errors in the terminal: 
		rm: src/config*: No such file or directory
		rm: src/makefile*: No such file or directory
		./autogen.sh: line 13: libtoolize: command not found

I think no problems were in the gettext installation. 
I' m on an intel Macbook Pro 2008, with MacOSX Leopard.

Thank you,

George Ker

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