[PD] [pd REFERENCE] format [was: Re: Pd META: Author/Help Patch Authors]

João Pais jmmmpais at googlemail.com
Fri Sep 4 14:05:34 CEST 2009

>> Is there any place where it's explained what are the meta patches, and
>> what should be in each patch? I never understood the meaning of them,  
>> and
>> therefore, have never made any.
> I could find any clear docs about that myself. I can however send you the

I could try to do it myself as well. but as I suspected that I would find  
only an outdated wiki page with some loose information on it, I found it  
better to ask who really knows about it.

> specification for "pd REFERENCE" supbatches in RjDj help files. Note  
> that this
> is not dealing with META information like lices, author, etc. Think of  
> it as an
> alternative implementation of the main pddp help patch area into a  
> parsable
> format. The RjDj helpfiles can be got here: http://trac.rjdj.me ("Browse  
> source")

thanks, but that doesn't really answer my question, it just hints at it.

anyway, I downloaded a couple files, and saw no reference subatch. I  
downloaded rj_accum-help.pd and rj_senergy~-help.pd, and they were normal  
help patches. Which ones did you meant?

And btw, one thing I would do is to download the rjdj library to study. is  
there a place where the whole pack of files can be downloaded?

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