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> On Sat, 5 Sep 2009, Jonathan Wilkes
> wrote:
> > --- On Sat, 9/5/09, Mathieu Bouchard <matju at artengine.ca>
> wrote:
> >> I don't know, but if a template doesn't allow to
> say
> >> something complex like «Pierre wrote the
> reference section,
> >> Jean wrote the theoretical background section,
> Jacques
> >> provided the examples» then that template should
> be just
> >> shot dead.
> > You have included commas in your example.  But I
> thought you were
> > arguing that commas will cause problems down the
> line.
> If you are making a tag system and are going to search by
> full tagnames, than each tag has better be a single symbol
> and each request better not contain commas. But there are
> things for which you'd search by text content, and people
> are using commas all over english text, so naturally, if the
> author field needs to be in plain english, it will need to
> be searched like plain english is to be searched.

I assume your talking about the HELP_PATCH_AUTHOR field, and not 
AUTHOR.  (But maybe there are better names for these.)

> I'm supposing that a tag system is something in which a tag
> is atomic (you don't search for substrings of tags when you
> search by tag) and in which tags are considered more special
> than the rest of the text, because else why bother calling
> it a tag system and why bother making it any different from
> a plain text search. furthermore, i suppose that there is an
> aim of semantic unambiguïty, that is, there is some kind of
> standard on tags such that either "fm" or
> "frequency_modulation" is used but not both because all
> synonymous words for 1 thing are represented by 1 tag.

I don't understand your last point, as far as parsing in Pd is concerned. 
If you have the tag "frequency_modulation," how is it that the user can 
search for "fm" and get appropriate results?


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