[PD] [PD-ot] RSS feeds from puredata.info

Jack jack at rybn.org
Mon Sep 7 17:25:46 CEST 2009

Le lundi 07 septembre 2009 à 15:52 +0200, IOhannes m zmoelnig a écrit :
> hi
> Jack wrote:
> > hello,
> > 
> > I'm trying to get feeds from
> > http://puredata.info/news/RSS
> > for a Drupal web site but it doesn't work. Do you know if there is
> do you get any special error messages in the server-logs?
> i'm not at all an rss expert, but subscribing to 
> http://puredata.info/news/RSS in thunderbird is no problem for me.
No, no error.
Drupal returns : "There is new syndicated content from News
So everything seems to work fine but i get nothing ! :(
I know that there is a lot of problems with Drupal and feeds aggregator
(with Plone too). Do you know if it is possible with Plone to export in
a compatible format readable by Drupal. I think it is interesting for
the Pd community to have feeds readable by CMS to share informations.
Processing and Arduino communities do it and they are working nice :

> > something to do for this problem (what is the exact adress with the
> > extension ? : .xml, .rss, .php ?).
> the exact address _is_ http://puredata.info/news/RSS - no extension.
> you get the feed in XML.
OK. Thanx for your answer.


> fgmasdr
> IOhannes

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