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2009/9/13 Hans-Christoph Steiner <hans at at.or.at>

> It looks so nice on the Mac...! ;o)
> It's a pity it looks way less 21th Century here on Hardy... fyi I have
> attached the screenshot.
> Make you are are running Tcl/Tk 8.5 and it'll look much better.  Install
> tcl8.5 and tk8.5, then run:
> "update-alternatives --config wish" and choose wish8.5.  Then Pd will use
> the much improved Wish 8.5.

Thanks! Now fonts are anti-aliased. Plus the startup plugins started to
work, which means that at least some of them don't work with tcl/tk<=8.4.
I have attached a screenshot for your viewing pleasure.

> I have also mocked up a version with my ideas (which are based on my rather
> limited knowledge of Pd). Please take a look at it.
> Did you mock it up in Tcl?

Nay. Xara Xtreme ;o)

- Afaik the IN/OUT meters are for the DSP so I would group them with the DSP

Makes sense.
> - I would omit the IN/OUT meter switch. Can we? Or is this a CPU-hog?
> I think its useful just to be able to have less distractions.

Useful to have it? So that the meter doesn't distract you?
Or useful to omit? So the switch doesn't distract you?

> - I would suggest having some kind of MIDI IN/OUT LEDs... which could also
> serve as switches in case you want to suspend MIDI reception or
> transmission. In my graphics they are just simple switches but I'm not sure
> it is possible to 'blink' those switches. If not, then we could have
> separate switches and LEDs.
> That also sounds useful for those who use MIDI.  'pd' is not currently
> sending 'pd-gui' that info tho.

I'm one of the guys who don't use DSP, my output is nuttin-but-MIDI. (Now
that I think there may be guys whos output is mainly to the network...)

> - A LOAD meter. Is this a CPU hog? If not, can we have it on the Pd window?
> (It is quite hidden under the Media menu, imho also because Media is a quite
> fuzzy name.)
> That's a nice idea.  It would require writing the Tcl code to get the load
> from the OS, but that's probably easy.

Once we clean up the Media menu, we may be able to find a better name for
it. Just my 2 cents.

> - Console hide, clear. Let's try to have it somewhere right above the
> console!
> A clear button is ok, it is on the File menu.  As for hide, I think its
> easier to just have window resizing work well.  With the pdwindow in
> pd-gui-rewrite, you can manually resize it down to just the metters/buttons.

At the current version, i have 'Clear console' in the Edit menu but Hide
console is gone. I think it could be kept however (regardless of what is the
actual routine that it runs), and I even think it's not bad to provide it on
the GUI and in the menu as well. Anyway, it's certainly good to have a
control as close to the controlled item as possible, whenever possible.

BTW, I have a dream which is that the console is tabbed, and the default tab
displays system messages, while for each [print PREFIX] a new tab is opened.
That way messages get separated by PREFIX. It's just a silly dream, forget
it ;op

> .hc

Thanks for your time!

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