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Quoting "Andres Ferrari" <anfex at yahoo.com>:

> hello, i am trying to use pix_mask with 2 movies.
> the movies were encoded in RGBA colorspace (codec planarRGB) for .mov files.
> but when I open the video the pd console show that is not possible  
> use pix_mask with 2 YUV movies...
> if I use open in pix_film (or pix_movie) with the argument  
> RGBA...the pix_alpha works...but the quality is horible.
> the same happens with pix_alpha, pix_takealpha and pix_coloralpha.
> maybe this objects works only with still images in jpg??
> maybe I need other codecs for my movies??
> maybe I have to create the movie with his own alpha channel??
> i don't know...please help me.
> (GEM 0.91 OSX 10.4 PPC)

on OSX, the default colorspace is YUV: all films/videos will be  
presented in YUV.

use [pix_rgba] to convert any pixes into RGBA.
or use [colorspace RGBA( message to [pix_film] to decode directly into RGBA.


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