[PD] vanilla, extended, svn and x86_64

dmotd inaudible at simplesuperlativ.es
Wed Sep 23 13:44:05 CEST 2009

Pierre wrote:
> Hi all,
> until now I have been using a 32bit system, but 2 days ago I installed a  
> brand new ubuntu '9.10' 64 bit. (And I want to keep it, this '9.10' 64  
> bit seems to me faster than '8.04' 32 bit)
> As Pd-extended for x86_64 is not auto-builded, I have some questions  
> about building a debian package :
> - is there a document describing the SVN directory structure ?

nothing clear for the svn itself, but its fairly 
self explanitory (most externals folders have 
their own readme/info)..

for the extended buildsystem look here:

> - what are the differences between 'pd-extended' and 'pd-vanilla loading  
> all externals' ?

pd-extended is a patched version of pd, so it has 
some minor differences in operation - the 
externals should not be drastically effected 
regardless of the build target. some more low 
level ones maybe (toxy / iemguts)

> - what is the simpliest way to build pd-extended (a kind of 'nightly  
> build @ home') to produce a beautiful .deb package for x86_64

you can reproduce the autobuild fairly easily 
without too much hastle.

> - what is the simpliest way to build pd-'extended'-gui-rewrite for x86_64

x86_64 will not be any different to x86, and the 
gui-rewrite uses autotools, so it will work this 
out for you.

> - is there a simple way to have and manage differents pd (vanilla,  
> extended, gui-rewrite) with differents versions on the same computer ?

just compile without installing.. and launch pd 
from the command line using ./pd or something 
similar, for something more sophisticated choose a 
different install target for each build and build 
a script that chooses version at /usr/bin/pd

> Some informations about what I would like to do :
> - in fact I think I dont really need the whole pd-extended thing as I  
> often only use Gem with few (5, 6) others externals...

extended is mostly overkill if you know what you 
are wanting, and if you only use a handful of 
extra objects then maintain by hand.. it will take 
a lot of the pain out of the process.

> - but it can be very nice to try and be able to use ANY of the external  
> included in the svn (I'm always in a learning process)

it is nice, but if you need them, and need them 
badly you will find them and install them. 
otherwise you could attempt to use some extended 
binaries with a 32bit chroot account, then you can 
'try before you buy'!

> - I would like to use the latest sources, nightly build was just fine  
> for me on 32bit

better anyhow, the latest stable candidate of 
extended is not designed for 64bit and needs to be 
heavily patched.

> - but I also need to have a method to build a stable pd-extended release  
> if the latests sources give me pd crashes (I do Audio/Video live shows  
> and performance and stability are very important on scene...)

if you seriously want reliability then make a 
32bit partition and install 32bit ubuntu 9.0 (or 
better still try an older more tested version of 
ubuntu) besides a lot of array based objects that 
have not been thoroughly ported to 64bit, 64bit pd 
is not propperly tested and needs a bit more time 
and attention. for performance stability stick 
with the tried and tested approach.

> voila!
> any suggestion is welcome
> best regards,
> pierre

good luck.. if you seriously want to build for 
ubuntu 9.0 x86_64, be prepared for a bit of 
frustration.. heres some extra reading - albeit 
out of date:


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