[PD] vanilla, extended, svn and x86_64

Pierre pierre at 314r.net
Wed Sep 23 11:15:54 CEST 2009

Hi all,
until now I have been using a 32bit system, but 2 days ago I installed a 
brand new ubuntu '9.10' 64 bit. (And I want to keep it, this '9.10' 64 
bit seems to me faster than '8.04' 32 bit)

As Pd-extended for x86_64 is not auto-builded, I have some questions 
about building a debian package :

- is there a document describing the SVN directory structure ?
- what are the differences between 'pd-extended' and 'pd-vanilla loading 
all externals' ?
- what is the simpliest way to build pd-extended (a kind of 'nightly 
build @ home') to produce a beautiful .deb package for x86_64
- what is the simpliest way to build pd-'extended'-gui-rewrite for x86_64
- is there a simple way to have and manage differents pd (vanilla, 
extended, gui-rewrite) with differents versions on the same computer ?

Some informations about what I would like to do :
- in fact I think I dont really need the whole pd-extended thing as I 
often only use Gem with few (5, 6) others externals...
- but it can be very nice to try and be able to use ANY of the external 
included in the svn (I'm always in a learning process)
- I would like to use the latest sources, nightly build was just fine 
for me on 32bit
- but I also need to have a method to build a stable pd-extended release 
if the latests sources give me pd crashes (I do Audio/Video live shows 
and performance and stability are very important on scene...)

any suggestion is welcome
best regards,

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