[PD] vanilla | extended | svn | x86_64

Pierre pierre at 314r.net
Wed Sep 23 10:15:37 CEST 2009

Hello all
since now i always used a 32 bit system, but yesterday i just re-install 
my computer with a brand new 64 bit linux distribution (ubuntu 9.10), 
and I think I will keep it as is (it seams to me that this new ubuntu 
'9.10' 64 bit is really faster than my old '8.04' 32bit)

As pd-extended for x86_64 is not auto-builded  i wanted to compile it 
from SVN.
So I have some questions :

- is there a document which explain the SVN directory structure ?

- what is the diffrences between "pd-extended" and "pd-vanilla with all 
- to build pd-extended do i need to download all svn repository ? (~6Go 
) - what is the simpliest way to compile pd-extended on x86_64

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