[PD] Question about object categorizing

João Pais jmmmpais at googlemail.com
Sat Sep 26 15:07:10 CEST 2009

>      Just move the relevant objects to whatever category you think they  
> belong, or reorganize the entire thing and change the categories.  Then  
> put it in the patch tracker on sourceforge.
> I've attached a reformatted version of the intro patch, if you want to  
> use it as a template.  I added some objects that were missing, like
> [drawsymbol], and the expr family, but haven't got around to reorganizing
> anything within the categories.

how good of a solution is this? and if next week someone wakes up on the  
wrong side of the bed, and decides to change some orders again (and one  
week after the guy from this week restablishes the order again)?

besides, is this version also going to come with pd-vanilla? (both files  
have the same ones) or when a new version of pd-van comes out, this  
reformatted file will just be overwritten?

I guess one can make all custom changes he wants for himself. but if one  
wants to change the structure of how these categories are organized, it  
should be a broader discussion, and people should agree/abide with the new  
settings. a discussion about this began in the pd-dev list half a year  
ago, but didn't reach an end.
anyway, many programmers don't care about documentation, and put their  
objects with no guide.

I also think that these categories are outdated, and the externals aren't  
in the right place. but just doing "lone wolf" work on it isn't going to  
change anything.

if there's a general desire to really put an order on this mess (inlcuding  
the x000 externals around), then there should be a general discussion.  
otherwise, just go back to programming and don't bother.

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