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i think the easiest way would be to write on the disk first (using
writesf~), and then read the file to a table (using soundfiler and the
"resize" flag). This way the size of the table will be automatically
adjusted to match the size of the file.
The downside is, you don't have access to the sound during the recording.
If you do need access while recording (or if you just don't want to use the
HDD) maybe you should prepare a table with the max recording length
(according to your system capabilities, taste etc.) and after the recording
is done (with a noteoff message for example..) you resize the table to the
actual length of the recording by sending a message like the following:

mytable resize $1

(where $1 is the length of the recording in samples)

and at the same time you prepare the next "big" table for the next

i guess, this is one flexible and economical approach.. but i'm sure there
are many ways to do it. just told you what came to me first!
sorry if i can't be clear enough right now.. :-)


2009/9/27 Andrew Faraday <jbturgid at hotmail.com>

>  Hey Guys
> I'm trying to record to a table between two given points (e.g. note on and note off at a given pitch) so that an array
> will resize the length of time between those points. So far I can only set the array size in advance and then record
> (using [tabwrite~]) from a given point. Any ideas how I'd record like that?
> God Bless
> Andrew
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