[PD] how to cite the Pure Data in a research paper

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> > That's true, especially for a name like "ChucK", which
> as far as I've seen, has been consistently spelled with that
> capital "K" in research papers where it's turned up.
> OTOH, the name ChucK is more distinctive *because* of the
> extra uppercase.
> > On another note, I think Desire Data should be renamed
> :) Data just for the fun that would happen when someone
> tries to type that name into ms word.
> Sorry, could you please explain the joke. I don't know
> anything MS Word does.
> If I cared about that kind of pranks, I'd be more inclined
> to call a piece of software «that software» (all
> lowercase, without the doublequotes, no trademark symbol)
> and watch the trouble that ensues. But that's quite
> hypothetical. In reality, there is already enough trouble
> arising from uncovering ordinary everyday confusion, that
> there's nothing that I'd want to actually add to the mess.

Well, it's probably good that you're not inclined to that kind of 
prank because the example you give has no 
specific association with pd, dsp, or anything else that would be 
meaningful to anyone using the software.

If the only think about the name ChucK was the fact that it  
looks distinctive, I think that would be just as lame as your example 
above.  If you look at the ChucK faq, you'll see a nice joke as to the 
origin of the name.  Once you get the joke, you also get some 
information about a detail of the ChucK language.

I was going for :) associating with the word "desire" from dd, but I 
guess that's streching the meaning of the smiley a little bit.  Oh, and it 
turns into an actual smily icon in MS word.


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