[PD] PDDP (was: Finding "$0" and dealing with it in messages)

Mathieu Bouchard matju at artengine.ca
Mon Dec 7 19:51:59 CET 2009

On Sun, 6 Dec 2009, Jonathan Wilkes wrote:

> That's some cool stuff.  What are the externals that are being used 
> (esp. to hide patch cords and move the abstractions into place?

[gf/lol] has 4 methods: wire_dotted, wire_hide, box_dotted, box_align. 
Those are used by [doc_m] to move comments into place, and by [doc_also] 
to put «See Also» objects into place. Loading GridFlow also modifies the 
running Vanilla or Extended so that comments have an inlet and so that 
this inlet is hidden.

For moving the abstractions into place, however, [gf/canvas_getpos] and 
[gf/canvas_setpos] are used. If the patch gets any bigger than the patch 
window, [gf/canvas_hehehe] is used to auto-expand the window. 
[gf/canvas_hohoho] is used to draw dashed bounding-boxes.

Other new externals include [gf/canvas_count] and [gf/canvas_loadbang] for 
dynamic patching. [gf/canvas_xid] is used for automating screenshots. 
[gf/canvas_edit_mode] reports the edit state, [gf/canvas_setgop] allows an 
abstraction to change its own GOP settings, [gf/canvas_filename] allows a 
patch to know its own filename, and [gf/canvas_dollarzero] allows a patch 
to know the $0 of any of its parents («ancestors»). [gf/string_<] compares 
strings (to auto-sort [doc_m] elements), [gf/string_replace] is used a few 
times, and I don't recall what I used [gf/getpid] for (but it gets the 
process ID).

> Are the pngs/movs in dd or pd-ext?

Still all pd-ext, simply because that's what people are going to use at 
the winter Pd workshop at Vidéographe. This new stuff doesn't work in dd, 
which will need an entirely different set of hacks anyway. Work on dd is 
postponed until the workshop is ready...

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