[PD] crazy bug: all user actions executed twice

Matteo Sisti Sette matteosistisette at gmail.com
Thu Dec 10 16:40:00 CET 2009


I write just to see if anybody has already seen this happaning and can 
give me some clue as how to avoid it.

I am not even sure the problem is with GEM, but I have worked on much 
more huge patches in PD without gem and never seen anything similar.

I am on Windows Vista with the latest PD Vanilla and the latest GEM.

I have not been able to isolate the problem; if anybody with some 
possibility to debug it is willing to try the patch and find out 
something I can send it to him/her.

So, the problem is, in some occasions, very frequently (usually after 
opening the main patch, closing it, and opening it again), every user 
action (e.g.: clicking on a bang or toggle, hitting some key INCLUDING 
ctrl+1 to create an object or introducing input into an object or 
message box, or even a "save as") gets executed two or even more times. 
As you can imagine that fucks everything up.

If I just open the patch and run it it works fine, but for even the 
smallest change that implies modifying some abstraction, I have to close 
PD, open it again, modify the abstraction I have to modify, save, close 
PD and open it again, since if I just save or even if I close all 
patches and open the main one again, everything is fucked up. It is 
impossible to work this way.

Usually restarting the computer makes the bug disappear but then it is a 
matter of minutes before it starts showing again.

I know that, if this is the first time you hear of it, you will hardly 
be hable to help, but my hope is that someone has observed this already 
and have been able to link it to a particular object or condition.

By the way, I have checked that when this happens, NO duplicate "pd.exe" 
nor "whish84" process exists (provided that task manager is reliable).

Thanks in advance

Matteo Sisti Sette
matteosistisette at gmail.com

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