[PD] [announce] DarkMatr showing at IMAL

Olm-e ol at ogeem.be
Sun Dec 13 16:03:33 CET 2009

Hello, I just wanted to tell that the project DarkMatr, lead by Tom
Heene is showing at IMAL Brussels Belgium this week,
This project was entirely made using FLOSS, namely Processing, OpenCV
(using a special far IR camera) and PureData for the sound part (which I
managed), using on the fly user selected Freesound.org database samples
in one sequence, thanks (big thanks) to Patrick (@11h11.com) that
debugged the python retriever script from pdmtl lib.

You can have more info on this installation on http://darkmatr.be

The whole system code is/will be available on the net as soon as we have
stabilized it enoegh.

Olivier Meunier

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