[PD] wacom / gemtablet / hid

cyrille henry ch at chnry.net
Mon Dec 21 12:12:05 CET 2009


few years go, i used a wacom with the [gemtablet] object. this was working perfectly.
but i now realize that this object is no more part of Gem (since 3 years).
the dummy object that replace it say that one must use hid instead.
so did i.

but i failed making it work.

i'm using linux and hid from pd svn.

i send a "open /dev/input/wacom" message to the hid object, and get as only answer : 
info: open 0
info: device 0

if i start pooling, then the wacom did not work anymore, and i have to reboot the computer to make it work again.

playing a bit more with that object made pd to crash.

any suggestion to make my wacom work with hid?
any other object that could get data from a wacom?
or should i try to get the old sources of gemtablet to compile again???


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