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Rich E reakinator at gmail.com
Tue Dec 22 20:17:17 CET 2009

I'm not in front of a Linux machine at the moment, but I was using a Wacom
tablet in linux for the last couple years.  [HID] doesn't work with calling
the symbolic links in /dev/input/. I was able to get the tablet to send out
data with [hid] by going through the [open $1( with all indeces, clicking on
[info(, then seeing if it was the tablet.  I tried various ways to automate
this with the output info strings but never got anything to work
consistently.  This, and that I didn't like the way control data was output,
made me switch back to using [linuxevent].  It works just find with [open
/dev/input/wacom ( and the data is easy to interpret in pd.  I attached a
(very dirty) patch that I used to route the control data with [linuxevent],
hope it saves you some time.

Tablets don't seem to work well with [hid] in any platform (not in windows
either, right?), not at all in OS X, the platform I am now on.  I'm
re-writing a general purpose [tablet] external right now that will at first
only work in OS X, but hopefully it can cover all platforms later on down
the road.  It is just that the API is different for the three big ones, mac,
linux, and windows.


On Mon, Dec 21, 2009 at 12:12 PM, cyrille henry <ch at chnry.net> wrote:

> hello
> few years go, i used a wacom with the [gemtablet] object. this was working
> perfectly.
> but i now realize that this object is no more part of Gem (since 3 years).
> the dummy object that replace it say that one must use hid instead.
> so did i.
> but i failed making it work.
> i'm using linux and hid from pd svn.
> i send a "open /dev/input/wacom" message to the hid object, and get as only
> answer : info: open 0
> info: device 0
> if i start pooling, then the wacom did not work anymore, and i have to
> reboot the computer to make it work again.
> playing a bit more with that object made pd to crash.
> any suggestion to make my wacom work with hid?
> any other object that could get data from a wacom?
> or should i try to get the old sources of gemtablet to compile again???
> thanks
> Cyrille
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