[PD] [readanysf~] and so called interleaved wav files.

august august at alien.mur.at
Mon Dec 21 17:07:09 CET 2009

> My test patch used [env~]-[nbx] for testing and it showed '0' on all
> channels, while it definitely showed some output when playing using [readsf~
> 8]. I cannot test again right now, but it is already good to know, that it
> works for you. Am i right in thinking, that this probably gavl related and
> not [readanysf~] specifally?

Yes, it seems it  was completely gavl related.  But, thanks to your
reports and effort, I think we now have the problem licked.   

Please check out the latest gavl from cvs and let me know if that helps.

best -august.

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