[PD] pd external that uses cocoa / objective C

IOhannes zmölnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Wed Dec 23 10:15:31 CET 2009

Rich E wrote:
> Hmmm, after hearing back from the Cocoa-dev mailing list that all of Cocoa's
> Event handling code is based on Carbon (and is 64-bit compatible, at least
> the Event Handling), I don't know if it is worth it to write the external in
> ObjC (which I will probably do poorly at that, as it is my first attempt
> with the language).  Anyways, Carbon is written in C, the WinTab API is
> written in C, so introducing ObjC may turn out to be a hassle later on
> instead of allowing future compatibility?

just because cocoa uses carbon as a backend for event handling this
shouldn't scare you away from using ObjC. most low-level runtime
libraries, are written in C - but it still makes sense to use a higher
language (if it makes sense) to use them.

ObjC is mostly a macOS thing; cocoa/carbon is obviously macos only.
if you want crossplatform, then you shouldn't use it.
if you want "native" macos support, it's a good choice (imho).

learning a new language can still be fun.


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