[PD] A present

Andrew Faraday jbturgid at hotmail.com
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Glad you like it, afrid.
Yeah, I do treat my code like my bedroom, if I know where to find stuff then it doesn't bother me. 
Just like my room, I keep it tidy if it's on display, I didn't really think before sending this one off. 
I'll have to look into the arithmetic, but I think it is possible (with the smallest size at any rate) to keep the score level if you're dead centre of the green circle. I'm fairly sure both have a maximum score effect of three (ever 100 milliseconds). Anyway, that keeps you on your toes, if you can't always score. 
I don't use the forum, might check it out sometime. I'm not sure when this is going to be finished. 
Just for the record, what's your high score?

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Andrew, the game is brilliant, and works flawlessly here. Your code is hella messy though. :P
if the green circle is in the red circle, and you manage to keep your snake perfectly within the green circle, I think you should still accumulate points though, at the moment, you loose points

You should post it in the forum when ready. Infact, the forum would love to have your GEM wisdom, if you don't already lurk around those areas.
Thanks for the christmas present, and here is my (reply) xmas present for fellow students of the Sound Arts course at my university in Brighton: http://www.sendspace.com/file/6gizl5

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Hey all you pd people

I've decided to sent out an open invitation to try a patch I've been working on, a little game, in fact. Its a work in progress so I'd love some feedback, but if you enjoy trying it out that'd be great.



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