[PD] Advice on how to handle latency in linux with Pd, jack and ardour

Lorenzo lsutton at libero.it
Sat Dec 26 11:55:51 CET 2009

> i asked about this issue on the ardour forum and paul davis (the main
> developer of ardour) gave this answer:
> All JACK clients can report latency on their ports. Pd is not reporting
> latency correctly on its JACK ports. If it did, the result of the send
> via Pd would still be aligned correctly.
> To correct this you need to use an "artificial latency" plugin (in the
> SWH plugin set) to fake the latency that Pd is adding. There's no way to
> know what the number is so you just have to play with it until ardour
> does the right thing. Oh, and you need to know one other thing: Ardour
> only does latency updates at each transport stop, so you need to
> adjust/stop/roll/adjust/stop as necessary.
> furthermore, there seems to be latency correction for other jack apps,
> if they report it.
> hope this helps.
> is the jack implementation  in pd reporting the latency?

Thanks for taking the time for this.


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