[PD] [wrap] behavior, zexy vs. vanilla 0.42

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at at.or.at
Sun Dec 27 03:05:06 CET 2009

Hey all,

I was just looking at Pd 0.42.5's [wrap].  It doesn't use arguments  
like zexy's [wrap].  Since each has different behavior, it seems like  
a good time to look at how [wrap] should handle its upper and lower  
limits.  Since [wrap] is closely related to [clip], it should be  
structured the same way, in terms of arguments and inlets:

- first arg sets min
- second arg set max

- first inlet accepts numbers to wrap
- second inlet sets min
- third inlet sets max

- arguments default to 0 and 1

zexy's is the same as this, except for the inlets.



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