[PD] [instance] and dynamic object creation

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Mon Feb 1 11:11:04 CET 2010

Marco Donnarumma hat gesagt: // Marco Donnarumma wrote:

> (I think) I found a weird behaviour with the dynamic creation of objects and
> the [instance] abstraction.
> It looks like when you create an object - which includes [instance] - with
> the message [; pd-mypatch.pd obj 10 10 myobject(  there is no loadbang
> triggering [instance].
> Example attached.
> Any hint and/or workaround?

This is by design, check the archives for reasons. 

If you want a loadbang, you can send a message "loadbang" to "pd-mypatch",

pd-mypatch.pd obj 10 10 myobject;
pd-mypatch.pd loadbang(


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