[PD] Compiling pd-extended from svn

agroschim at gmx.de agroschim at gmx.de
Mon Feb 1 17:38:40 CET 2010


this is my first post to this list, so greeting to everyone! I have two short questions:

* How do i get pd-extended on my Arch Linux system the easy way? The MAKEPKG from AUR is flagged out of date. Is there a new one? Is the old one still useable? Can i update the old MAKEPKG easily?

* And in case i have to compile it manually, what are the dependencies and where do i get the sourcecode, preferably the 42.5 version from the nightly build as a tarball.

Thanks for your help!

PS: I started working with pd about a month ago and love it! Special thanks to Johannes Kreidler, Obiwannabe, the guys who wrote the Floss Manuals tutorial and all the other people whos patches i looted, i learned a lot from you!
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