[PD] pix_video error -9402

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Mon Feb 1 15:11:54 CET 2010

Michael Bliem wrote:
> hi again, body should be visible now?

yes, much better.
i have also re-added pd-list, since this has been omitted now :-)

> i need some help or information, please!
> until yesterday my builtin isight webcam
> of macbook pro worked just fine. after
> setting dimen to a very low value (5 4)
> pd crashed and cam isn't working anymore.
> it still works in all other applications
> and it DID work with pd too!? maybe there
> is a broken conf-file due to the crash?
> i did restart pd/reboot/power off wo help

the only thing i can say here is, that Pd/Gem does definitely NOT keep
track of the settings of your camera. probably osx does.

> i'm working with osx 10.6.2 and the
> latest intel binaries of pd-extended.
> error -9402
> any ideas?

could you try a [dialog( message to [pix_video] before anything?

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