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Claude Heiland-Allen claudiusmaximus at goto10.org
Thu Feb 4 18:22:36 CET 2010

My top 3 related annoyances (in pd-0.41-4 on Linux).

1. "1 2   "--[route 1   ]--[*~] // inlet~ no method for list
2. "1     "--[list trim ]--[*~] // inlet~ no method for list
3. "list 1"--[route list]--.... // outputs on "unmatched" outlet

Jonathan Wilkes wrote:
> The current help patch for [list] family objects doesn't mention what 
> kind of messages [list] outputs.
> I remember reading somewhere (maybe on puredata.info) that for messages 
> consisting of two or more atoms/elements, [list] will output a list, and 
> for empty lists and 1-element messages [list] will output a bang or 
> float/symbol messages, respectively.

I think the conversion is done at inlets of co-operating objects, rather 
than outlets.  Probably the conversion work is duplicated if you 
fan-out, possibly also the source code to do the conversion is 
duplicated too (but I haven't investigated).

> But as far as I can tell, [list] doesn't do any conversion at its outlet-- 
> everything it outputs will have the selector "list", and it's up to other 
> objects like [route] to do any conversion they deem necessary.
> For example, take the bug with sigbinops:
>     [put anything you want in this message box(
>     |
>     [list]
>     |
> [+~ ]
> error: inlet: expected 'signal' but got 'list'
> So I'm guessing that [list append/prepend/split] always output messages 
> with the "list" selector.  This would seem consistent with the behavior at 
> the inlets.
> Do I have this right?
> Thanks,
> Jonathan

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