[PD] [list] output

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Mon Feb 8 09:32:06 CET 2010

Jonathan Wilkes hat gesagt: // Jonathan Wilkes wrote:

> In Chapter 2.9.1, the Pd manual states:
> 'The pointer data type is also integrated into pipe-fitting objects such as "pack", "unpack", and "route".'
> So it seems like [route] should handle pointers just as it does other the  
> other "standard" message types.

Yeah, generally it does, but obviously there is a serious bug. All crashes are
serious bugs. Anyway all [route] would be able do with pointers is route them
according to selector. But as all pointers share the same selector, this isn't
actually very useful. Here the [pointer] based routing comes
into play.


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