[PD] Make app from patch?

Andrew Faraday jbturgid at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 8 18:44:34 CET 2010

Hey All
I'm working on PD on OSX (10.4) and I've just noticed 'make app from patch' in the file menu. I tried this and it came up with this error message:
chmod: /Users/andrewfaraday/Documents/pd/apptest.app: No such file or directorychmod: /Users/andrewfaraday/Documents/pd/apptest.app: No such file or directory    while executing"exec -- chmod -R u+w $appdir"    (procedure "makeapp_createapp" line 5)    invoked from within"makeapp_createapp $appdir"    (procedure "menu_makeapp" line 18)    invoked from within"menu_makeapp 0"

The directory is real, although the file apptest.app was not created. 
If this is actually for making an application for use on mac os (or other OS's) then I'd really like to use it. So two questions really:
What is this for? or What does this do?
Why doesn't it work 		 	   		  
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